Lavazza Blue LB Compact Espresso Machine (Lavazza Blue Compatible)

Lavazza Blue LB Compact Espresso Machine (Lavazza Blue Compatible)

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Lavazza LB Compact

Maximum quality in the minimum space thanks to its reduced dimensions and exclusive design. LB COMPACT is the ideal solution for anyone who wants the excellence of a Lavazza BLUE espresso in a very small space. This perfect little gem may be compact in size but nothing about the authentic Italian espresso it brews is compact. Not only does it deliver the quality and taste you have come to love about Lavazza Blue, but its sleek aesthetics make it the star of any kitchen or office break room countertop. 

Enjoy all the Lavazza Blue Capsule blends you have come to love and enjoy in your LB Compact. The machine allows you to brew your favorite capsules using an automatic and manual drink option. The Machine features two buttons, one for a short espresso (automatic) and a long coffee (manual). Simply lift up the top chrome metal lever, insert the capsule of your choice, push the lever back down and choose the short espresso or long coffee option and VOILA...perfection in a cup within 30 seconds.

Features of the Lavazza LB Compact:

  • Power supply: 120V; 60Hz
  • Material: PC
  • Water tank capacity: 1200 cc
  • Functions exclusively with Lavazza BLUE capsules
  • Manual loading of the capsules
  • Start coffee buttons for pre-set and manual dose dispensing (both programmable)
  • Adjustable cup-support rack for use with large cup
  • Automatic ejection of used capsule
  • Drawer holds up to 8 used capsules
  • Electronic system to check when the used capsules drawer is full
  • Low water alarm function
  • Energy saving function
  • Comes with a 1 Year Warranty from the manufacturer

PLEASE NOTE: The Lavazza LB Compact only utilizes "Lavazza Blue Capsules". It does not accept other single cup coffee style capsules such as Keurig, Tasimo, Nespresso and Lavazza Espresso Point capsules. See our selection of  Lavazza Blue Capsules Here

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