Stovetop Moka Pots

Beloved in Europe, particularly Italy, “la moka” is portable, lightweight, easy to use on stovetop or hotplate, and makes one delicious cup of coffee. Mokas are available in three, six, and nine-cup sizes and all come in three parts: the bottom chamber holds fresh, cold water and usually has a pressure valve; the middle is a perforated coffee basket or funnel to hold the grounds, which should be lightly packed; no need to overload! The top chamber is where the brewed coffee ends up. Brewing occurs when the water in the bottom heats up to a boiling point, steeps up through the grounds from the pressure of the heated water, and comes to rest in the top chamber. The result is a rich, highly aromatic, authentic cup of espresso. Although an espresso is the preferred coffee grind, any very finely ground coffee can be used for a strongly flavored cup.
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