The Aroma Cafe Culture Rewards Program

Aroma Café Culture Rewards Point Program

Earn Café Rewards Points on ALL throughout the store!

If you’re going to shop for your favorite coffee products, wouldn’t you love to earn savings on future purchases as well? We’re guessing you’re nodding your head right now and shouting “YES!” We want to introduce you to our BRAND NEW Aroma Café Rewards Program!

What are Café Rewards Points?
The Café Rewards program is Aroma Café Culture’s way of showing our customers our appreciation for their ongoing loyalty. For every purchase you make, you will earn a certain number of points (depending upon the items purchased) which you can then redeem online for Aroma Café Culture gift certificates. Gift certificates can then be redeemed for $$ off of your purchases!

How does the program work?
All coffee products in our online store are allocated a certain number of “rewards points.” Purchase of these coffee products online allows you to accrue rewards points. Points will be converted to a monetary discount of 5% of the total number of points redeemed. For example, you can redeem 100 points for a $5 gift certificate which can then be used on a future purchase.

What does it cost?
The program is FREE! Café Reward points can only be earned by ordering certain products and completing purchase transactions at

How do I enroll?
It’s easy to get started. Simply make a purchase and we will automatically calculate your points based on the items you purchase. Those points will be entered into your online account, presuming you have registered online with us. Go to the top of the page you are on and click the “My Account” button to get enrolled and get started accruing your points! Again, it’s our way of saying “thank you” for being part of the Aroma Café Culture family.

Where can I check how many points I have?
It's easy as 1-2-3!! Just log into using your username and password, then click the "My Account" button on the top of the page. From there you click “View Details” under My Rewards and you will be given a summary of the rewards you have accrued to date and how many you have used.

When & how can I redeem my Cafe Rewards Points?
As soon as you make a purchase, Café Rewards Points will be added to your account immediately. Use some or all of your points on your next purchase with us, or use none and save them, accumulate more, and use your points at a later date. If you choose to use some or all of your points, simply go to the My Rewards section of your account FIRST (before placing an order) and click “Redeem.” You will then be directed to a page which will allow you to redeem your points for a gift certificate or for products. Each gift certificate indicates how many points are required for redemption. The value of the gift certificate will reflect the number of points you have accrued or wish to redeem. (i.e. 100 points = $5 gift certificate). Once you click “Redeem,” the gift certificate in the value you chose (i.e. $10, $20 or $30) will then be emailed directly to your inbox. Simply open the email and you will find a special code to use on your next order. Once you have your special gift certificate code emailed to you, you may then place your desired order using all or none of the funds in your gift certificate. Simply place the unique code in the indicated field during checkout.

Do my points expire?
Your Café Rewards Points will never expire.

What happens if I don’t use my Gift Certificate in its entirety?
Good news. You can continue to use your gift certificate until all of the funds have depleted. Simply keep the gift certificate code number on file until you reach a balance of zero.

How does The New Aroma Café Culture rewards program differ from the old program?
Good news is that now you accrue points on ALL products throughout our store, not just coffee and espresso!! Also, you can now enjoy points on ALL purchases. When you redeem points you will continue to accrue points as well.
1. Points will be allocated at Aroma Café Culture's discretion and are subject to change. Points are accrued when an order is processed online, and may not appear on the account summary page until the order and payment have been fully confirmed. If an order is cancelled or returned, the rewards points accrued with the purchase will be deducted from the customer’s account. You must be a registered customer of Aroma Café Culture to accrue and redeem points. Wholesale customers are excluded from the Café Rewards Program.

2. Discount for redeemed points is not applied to shipping and handling charges or taxes where applicable.

*Please note customers with FREE equipment from Aroma Cafe Culture as part of our FREE machine program are NOT eligible for Cafe Rewards points at this time